The Unfulfilled Need


What happens when a bank or other lending institution is forced to foreclose on a property?  How is each individual involved in the foreclosure process affected?  These are very important questions and the answer to each brings with it a possible solution.  The primary focus of the U.S.  HomeOwner’s Alliance is to provide owners of distressed properties with the information necessary to effectively deal  with foreclosure and by that effect a favorable outcome.

The non threatening  counseling environment that the USHOA provides is a welcomed blessing for the owners who previously had little to no resource for such information or services.

Our many years of experiencing in negotiating and coordinating with and  as liaisons to various  lending institutions and private lenders, foreclosure trustees, bankruptcy trustees, local, state and federal governments and government agencies, both before during and after processing contingencies of escrow are unequaled in the industry.

Our  record of producing results within a very limited time is not something a person learns in a book.  It is the result of experience.  It is important to note the services we provide on a daily basis  are presented as  most likely not possible by our  competitors.

The U.S. HomeOwner’s Alliance provides the homeowner with a source for information.  Every client is provided the positive and negative consequences of each alternative as it specifically  relates to them.

The Problem. . .

Foreclosure is an intimidating process.  When intimidation is compounded by gullibility, the situation appears  hopeless for the homeowner.  Most homeowners fail to act  simply because they are not sure how to act.  Questions quickly arise and the answers elude them.  Should I contact my lender?  What should I say?  How soon will I have to move?  Do I have to move now that a notice has been placed on my door?  Will the bank negotiate with me, or do they just want my house?

These questions and more force the homeowner into a state of paralysis by analysis.  The homeowner simply has no knowledgeable source from which to garner  information. 


The Solution. . .


The U.S. HomeOwner’s Alliance provides consultation to  homeowners facing foreclosure.  Here in the atmosphere of friendly consultation, the homeowners are furnished with every available option.  No option is ever ruled out.  An attempt is made to ensure every option is attempted before the door is closed.  The owner is not forced to list their home for sale when their desire is to save their home.  The owner is not  forced to succumb to the various predators (real estate investors) who want their home for little or nothing.  Owners interested in refinancing are provided current information regarding interest rates, points, and other fees.  Those who want to sell are informed of the short sale process through a real estate agent or guided through an extensive For‑Sale‑By‑Owner program.

In general,  the U.S. HomeOwner’s Alliance is unequaled in providing a network of services and extensive knowledge and insight into the foreclosure process.  Here the devastating effects of foreclosure are diminished through knowledge and preparation.